Jonathan Leistiko

Jonathan Leistiko

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Jonathan Leistiko is the primary creative force behind Invisible City Productions. Invisible City Productions launched in January of 2000 and released one free print-and-play game every month ’till December 2009; a total of 120 free games. Almost all of the free games released by Invisible City Productionswere designed by Jonathan and are indexed on BoardGameGeek. He’s also independently publishing Inevitable, a dystopic board game set in a future not much bleaker than our own, along with Jeremy Bushnell.

At the beginning of 2009, Jonathan began to approach publishers with some of his more popular and unreleased designs. Resulting in two commercial releases so far: The Isle of Doctor Necreaux (Nominated for a 2010 Origins award!) and Pressure Matrix.

Aside from games and game design, Jonathan also enjoys making neat gadgets with his Arduino, building decorative water fountains, cooking, and rock climbing.

Jonathan worked at Steve Jackson Games for a while as a Game Developer. He’s also the coordinator for Protospiel South.

Notable Games

  • Inevitable
  • The Isle of Doctor Necreaux
  • Pressure Matrix


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