Gaming at Great Hall Games

Gaming at Great Hall Games

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If you’re looking for a centrally located gaming group, we have plenty of space and good companionship at Great Hall Games for those interested in play modern board, card games, chess, Go, and historical miniatures.

Board gamers will find an eclectic mix of games. We play Catan, Dominion and other popular board games, as well as Euro Games and more involved American style games. We even have a strong group of board wargamers! We have demo games available, but you are encouraged to bring your own favorites. Fridays and Saturday meet ups are the most popular for board gaming, but some of the wargamers also show up on Thursday evening.

We have casual Chess (Wednesday) and Go (Tuesday) meet ups as well. These are casual meetings for fun, but we do occasionally host a Go tournament.

Historical miniatures gaming is also very strong a Great Hall Games. Almost all period are played, from Ancients to Modern and even some science fiction. Check out the meet ups on Thursdays and Sundays.