Full Description

Axelo Inc. is located in Austin, Texas and was incorporated in Delaware on Nov. 7, 2007. Axelo Inc. develops advanced movement detection technology enabling innovative devices for Home Entertainment. Axelo’s technology provides a self-contained and accurate device which in turn provides a simple and easy manufacturing process that is critical for the consumer market. Axelo’s technology is based on a highly advanced integration of sensing devices with state-of-the art signal processing that optimizes responsiveness and reliability. The company is combining that core technology with more advances in the field of PC and multimedia technology to create innovative and highly functional systems for Home Entertainment.

Axelo Inc. has targeted the Video Gaming segment of the Home Entertainment industry. Axelo Inc is well surrounded with a growing & respected number of video gaming companies in Austin, TX thereby leveraging its strategic location as a major hub for gamers, game development and related gaming products. Axelo Inc first product launch in the video gaming market segment is a 3-Dimensional (3D) natural movement based game controller called the Axelo BAT controller. Axelo Inc. together with our lead customers are extremely excited about the launch of the Axelo BAT controller since the integration of solid state sensing technology provides a totally new and unparalleled video gaming experience. The video gaming experience with Axelo’s BAT game controller is a quantum leap from the conventional video game play.

Whether your gaming preference is to play via the classic thumb control or take full advantage of the game controller’s 3D natural movement features to either fly, race or control a character’s movement as in a FPS genre game, the Axelo BAT will allow you to explore old video games in a new way or new video games in an unparalleled way.


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