Anthropos Games

Anthropos Games

Full Description

Anthropos Games is a small, indie partnership serving tabletop gamers all over the world. Our goal is to design and support a handful of role-playing games – each with a unique mechanic, realistic societies and ecologies, and a progressive perspective on the human experience. We want to make games for creative, adult gamers who crave environments outside the typical European fantasy tropes and stock science-fiction genres; who look for games with smart tactics, room for a good story, and immersive worlds; and who want to be a part of a new wave of tabletop role-playing games.

We realize our audience is not made up of the average adolescent consumer. But we don’t believe we’re talking about a small, niche market either. These games are for everyone. They just aspire to be something a little more than escapist daydreaming.

 Notable Games

  • Early Dark
  • Centennial Gothic